Product updates

Product Update [September]

Summer has proven to be incredibly productive, and today, we're thrilled to unveil a host of exciting new features!

Sponteous now empowers you to offer products directly on the platform!

Sponteous has stepped up its game, now granting you the ability to present an array of enticing products directly on our platform. This is an ingenious way to boost your revenue for two compelling reasons. Firstly, you can propose products (such as late checkouts, massages, or champagne bottles) to guests who are already offered the opportunity to bid for an upgrade and who are already interacting with your bidding page. Secondly, it allows you to reach guest segments previously ineligible for upgrade bidding (e.g., superior rooms not available, guests booked non-upgradable rooms, etc.).

Naturally, we've developed the product functionality in accordance with our automation standards. This means you can easily integrate products listed on Sponteous with your PMS. Any products added by your guests will instantly appear on your guest's folio, and you can activate dynamic pricing based on the product price in your PMS. To offer your guests relevant deals, you can also restrict the display of these products to specific rate types.

Lastly, to assist our hotel partners, we've curated an offer library with dozens of ideas (e.g., whiskey tasting, surf lessons, early check-in) to aid you in your upselling strategies. In fact, we've recently penned an article on a few revenue-generating ideas.

Easily link your products to Sponteous

Sponteous has gone multi-channel, now allowing you to connect with your guests via SMS and WhatsApp, in addition to emails.

You can create personalized sequences (e.g., an email followed by an SMS a few days later) with customizable messages. Given the exceptionally high open rates of SMS and WhatsApp messages, this should have a profoundly positive impact on your conversion rates.

Create customized SMS or WhatsApp messages

These new additions should ultimately enhance your revenue by significantly expanding revenue-generation opportunities and facilitating more effective guest engagement.

If you have any questions about these new features or would like assistance in quickly implementing them, please don't hesitate to reach out to your account manager.